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November 20, 2021

This widely feared and often misunderstood aquatic reptile is known for its aggressiveness and powerful jaws. But there is so much more to learn about these amazing animals.

Crocodiles are one of the closest living links to the dinosaurs that once roamed the earth over 66 million years ago. Somehow, these fearsome hunters become one of the most successful of all predators.

Crocodile Facts

  • The world’s largest reptile—Of all the species of crocodile, saltwater crocodiles are the biggest. In fact, they are the biggest reptiles on earth and can grow up to a massive 6.17 meters.
  • They are everywhere…almost—Crocodiles are found in every inhabited continent except for Europe.
  • Crocodile tears are real—Crocodiles really do produce tears, but it’s not because they are sad. Tears can be produced while eating or if the croc swallows too much air.
  • They can keep their jaws open in and out of the water—We’ve all seen crocodiles with their jaws wide open while on the land. A valve at the back of their throat allows them to keep their jaw open both in and out of the water.
  • They live for years—The average lifespan of a crocodile is at least 30-40 years. However, some larger species may live up to 70 years.

They mainly hunt at night—Crocodiles have exceptionally excellent night vision, which they use for nocturnal hunting.


  1. Jim Gibson

    Are you implying that crocodiles are on Antarctica?

  2. Jim Gibson

    Oh! ‘Inhabited continent’…my bad, sorry for my poor reading of your note.🤪🤪.

    • Bowser

      As fossils, my good man, as fossils.

  3. Tonda S Barnes

    Thanks for this awesome information on the crocodiles

  4. FDF

    They are not found in Antarctica.

  5. john dix

    How about Antarctica?

  6. Billie Gail Shapiro

    They are awesome and amazing animals and they are very smart. A lot smarter than most humans. We can really learn from them. We can learn from more animals.They are God’s animals and we should respect them.

  7. Gary

    They are the man reason the 44 magnum was invented.

    • Dan Johnson

      Don,t be stupid.

    • Taylor

      Dont be a cave man

  8. Larry

    Thanks for the info. They are beautiful and amazing animals.

    • EA

      You should have compared to an Alligator

  9. Lisa C.

    Very interesting!

  10. Holly

    Fascinating beings.


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