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Blue Jays

March 16, 2022

Blue Jay Birds are identified by the blue color that appears on the crest of their heads. But they are not blue in color; the dark pigment in their feathers is melanin. 

The Blue Jay birds use the light scattering trick to reflect a blue color on your eyes; therefore, you see blue. When visible light strikes the feathers, they look as if they are blue.

Here are 12 interesting facts that will help you know the Blue Jay bird better. 

Facts About Blue Jay:  

  1. Blue Jays live at the forest’s edge to enjoy seeds and nuts, but corn is their favorite food.
  2. They are omnivores that supplement nuts and seeds with insects.
  3. Female and male Blue Jay birds look the same, making them a unique breed.
  4. Their lifespan is between five to seven years. But there is a Blue Jay that lived for 26 years and 11 months.
  5. The Blue Jay acts as a natural alarm for other birds in case of an impending predator. The Blue Bird will alert other birds by making hawks’ sounds when it sees one.
  6. They are brilliant, and they love making sounds. Their sounds range from the lovely morning chirps to the annoying squawks.
  7. The Blue Jay flies slowly at 20 to 25 miles per hour, unlike other birds.
  8. They are monogamous in nature; the female Blue Jay will choose and stick to one mate the entire life.
  9. Blue Jays have attractive social bonds. Both males and females build the nests together. The male feeds and takes care of the female when sitting on the eggs. The entire family leaves the nest together when the young ones are around 17 to 21 days old.
  10. While the young Blue Jays love migrating, old ones enjoy living in one place for an extended period.
  11. Blue Jays have many predators, such as hawks, owls, and cats.
  12. They are active during the day, and they sleep at night.


  1. Sandra Smith

    That’s the eastern Jays; the western or Mexican Jays have no crest, & are a darker coloring, the males a greyish blue, the females a bluish grey, but their vocalizations are virtually identical in sound.

  2. Lori Chaumont

    Wow! The fact that Blue Jays aren’t blue is mind boggling to us as we found a tiny flesh bodied fledgling & actually cared for it! Blueberry was his name. We had him for 3+ Years. We watched him grow as his pink body turn fuzzy & then his feathers arrived! We finger fed him & then helped him learn to switch to bugs. Our daughter taught him to fly. He’d fly about but always came back to us.
    Summers were fun as he would land on us, our family & whoever came onto our property! He’d land on my husband’s shoulder while cutting the lawn, in the popcorn bowl & on our guests heads during outdoor parties! He was at our daughters side as soon as he saw her!! He even would call us with his own silly cry & would wait for us on an area outside our back door!
    We so loved our Blueberry & truly can’t believe he wasn’t blue!! WOW~ THAT’S CRAZY COOL!!! ????

    • Lori Chaumont

      Blueberry even brought his “wife” & 2 slender young “babies” back to us! What a joy he was!!!


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