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Matilda Cruz
Matilda double majored in zoology and animal behavior at the University of Hawaii. She’s been an animal lover from a young age and knew she wanted to study them even more for her career. She’s always looking for ways to spread her animal knowledge.

What a Weasel

Weasels are part of the Mustela genus of the Mustelidae mammal group. For context, other Mustelidae includes otters, badgers, polecats, martens, ferrets, and wolverines, to name just the more common family members.

Weasel Facts

  • In Greek culture, if there is a weasel around the house, it is an omen signaling the existence of bad luck or evil. Weasels love destroying wedding dresses!
  • In North Macedonia, a country bordering Greece, a weasel is an omen of good fortune.
  • All weasels have fur coats that lighten for winter months. One species called the least weasel changes its coat into a light-colored coat that shines a brilliant lavender when exposed to ultraviolet light.
  • Sizes vary depending on the species. The tropical weasel can grow up to a foot in length and weigh anywhere from 3 to 12 ounces.
  • Weasels are voracious carnivores. Using their long skinny bodies, weasels hunt small rodents in burrows and other dens. Prey include mice, vole, rabbits, and the occasional frog.
  • Weasels are considered vermin in some cultures because they eat chicken and eggs. Evidence comes from how some use the word to describe a sneaky criminal.
  • These animals are nocturnal meaning, they sleep during the day and are active at night. They love to hunt by moonlight using their exceptional hearing and prey location abilities.

As adaptable species of mammals, weasels are success stories because they survive in many environments of varying temperatures. Hence, they can be found anywhere humans (and mice) congregate.

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