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Saint Bernard

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Sebastian Acosta
Sebastian grew up on a goat farm in rural Wisconsin. He learned a lot about different animals as a youngster. While he is no longer in charge of feeding the kids, he still helps maintain the family farm on the weekends. In his free time, he travels the world and finds every opportunity to escape in nature.

Saint Bernards are famous for their patience and caring dispositions. Compared to other dog breeds, they make the perfect human companions and family dogs. Their massive size complements their intelligent, mellow, and playful spirits. Dog trainers often find this breed easy to train because they are always ready to learn and serve a family. When it comes to pets, none is as family-friendly as Saint Bernard. Here are a few facts about this dog breed. Check it out!

Fun Facts

  • Saint Bernards grow to an average height of 30 inches for males and 28 inches for females.
  • Male and female Saint Bernards have different weights. The female weighs an average of 140 pounds, while the male weighs 180 pounds.
  • The average saint Bernard dog can live to be ten years old.
  • Saint Bernard dogs are good with children because of their gentle and calm nature.
  • If you already have another dog, a Saint Bernard can make easy friends.
  • This breed of dog sheds its fur seasonally.
  • Saint Bernard dogs are brilliant and make little noise in terms of barking.
  • Saint Bernards were first bred for rescue in 1670. They are believed to have originated from the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland.

Is A Saint Bernard Right For Your Family?

Saint Bernards have many positive attributes for anyone looking to take on a pet. The breed does, however, have a few drawbacks, including health issues that may surface often. The dog is also prone to high weight gain, making it necessary to monitor its diet. Saint Bernards are perfectly tempered to be man’s best friend.

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Fixed Mortgage Rates from 2.17% (3.1APR)