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The rhinoceros is a large, heavy mammal with a horn on its nose. Rhinos are herbivores and mainly consume grass, but they sometimes eat fruit or bark. They have an excellent sense of smell, which they used to find food and avoid predators. They can perceive smells from more than a mile away because of their big nostrils, which help them breathe while grazing.

Where Do They Live?

You can find rhinos in the wild — in the tropical forests, savannas, and thickets. They are found all over the world but are especially common in Africa.

Rhinos have curved horns and a large body covered with a coat of hair. Their skin is tough and helps protect them from predators.

They can grow to be six feet tall or more, with horns that can reach up to three feet long.

What They Eat

Rhinos are herbivores and need to eat plants to survive. Rhinos eat leaves, shoots, flowers, fruits, twigs, and some grass. They have a long snout that helps them dig for plant roots. They eat from different types of plants.

How Rhinos Escape From Predators

Rhinos are masters of survival, and this is not just because of their impressive physical capabilities. They are capable of escaping from predators by a variety of methods.

They have two horns, which they can use to charge and ward off predators like lions and hyenas with minimal effort. They also have a prehensile upper lip that they can use to grab branches and pull themselves up into the trees.

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  1. I have seen many, many rhinos on TV zoo shows and in zoos and not one with “a coat of hair”. This information needs to be corrected!!!

  2. I’ve watched numerous documentaries my whole life and have yet to see one that shows a rhino “up a tree”. If you have a pic, please send to me.


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