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Cute in looks and with a facial mask (not the ones that you wear!), a raccoon can melt your heart. Even though it hangs out near your trash cans, it’s a clean creature. Should you find yourself face to face with an adorable Trash Panda, simply shoo it away.

Wait! Let’s learn some interesting facts about this Procyonidae largest family member:

#1. You might know it by the name of the common raccoon.

#2. A raccoon weighs between 11 lbs to 57 lbs.

#3. The body length can be anywhere between 16 inches to 28 inches.

#4. It’s native to North America, but you can find it around the globe.

#5. The black facial mask lets them see more clearly. It may help in reducing the glare that enhances the animal’s vision, especially at night.

#6. Raccoons are omnivores, so they eat meat and plants. Interesting, right?

#7. Their front paws are highly dexterous. Unlike other carnivores, there is no webbing between the paws of raccoons.This actually helped contribute to their name, which means “one who takes everything with its hands.

#8. Raccoons enjoy life in the city (maybe just like you!). City raccoons are smarter!

#9. Baby raccoons are called cubs. Some may call them kits.

#10. They don’t hibernate during winter but would love to sleep more!

#11. A raccoon can live up to 3 years in the wild.

Under the scientific classification, a raccoon belongs to the Kingdom Animalia. The phylum is Chordata, and the class Mammalian just like the humans. Also like humans, raccoons are clever in nature.

If you think about it, raccoons are portrayed as thieves in some cartoons; it could be because of that face mask!

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  1. Do enjoy the interesting questions and answers and some of the life about the animal mentioned. Feel at age 90, I am still learning. Thank you.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโค๏ธ


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