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Sebastian Acosta
Sebastian grew up on a goat farm in rural Wisconsin. He learned a lot about different animals as a youngster. While he is no longer in charge of feeding the kids, he still helps maintain the family farm on the weekends. In his free time, he travels the world and finds every opportunity to escape in nature.

If you have been to aquariums or have been scuba diving in the ocean, then you may have seen manatees up close. Don’t get too close, though, because they don’t like to be touched. Manatees are huge sea animals, and they rarely come out of the ocean. They spend all their time underwater. There are some other interesting facts about manatees such as the foods they eat and their population.

Foods They Eat

  • All they do is eat.
  • Some of the foods they eat are seaweed, algae, and water grasses.
  • They can eat a lot of food in only 24 hours. They spend their time searching for food at the bottom of the ocean.
  • They are known as gentle creatures and would not eat humans. In fact, they like to swim with them.

Their Population

You may be wondering about the number of manatees that are in the ocean and where they’re located. Here are some interesting facts about that topic.

  • There are at least 13,000 manatees in the world. 
  • They are protected under the Endangered Species Act. 
  • A majority of the manatees are located in the Gulf of Mexico, although you can also find a few in the southern United States. There have been reports of manatees in the oceans near Africa.

Manatees are adorable and friendly. They love people, and they love to eat. They eat food that you would find on the bottom of the ocean, such as plants and seaweed.

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Rates Near Historic Low at 2.853% APR

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Rates Near Historic Low at 2.853% APR

LendingTree.com NMLS 1136