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July 20, 2021

The name Yoranian almost sounds like something from another planet. However, this name is a blend of its parents’ names, the Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian. And it’s not always referred to as a Yoranian. Sometimes, breeders and owners refer to them as a Porkie or Yorkie Pom. No matter what you call it, this breed is known for its energetic personality. Don’t let the hyperness fool you, though. This breed is known for having a sweet and loving side as well.


If you’re looking for an apartment-sized dog, this breed fits easily into that lifestyle, although they’re just as happy if they have a large backyard with plenty of room to run. Typically, a Yoranian only gets between six and 12 inches in height and three and seven pounds.

Since it’s a blend of two breeds, the type of coat it has depends on which parent it takes after. It could have a medium to long, silky coat or a thick coat with a rougher outer layer of fur. If the dog takes more after the Yorkie side of its family, it could even be hypoallergenic.

Compatibility and Personality

A Yorkie Pom is compatible with most other breeds of dogs. As a general rule, these dogs get along with cats and children, too. However, they do best with older children. Moreover, socializing them with other family members and pets will take time and patience. These dogs bond well with their owners but are a bit leery of strangers.


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