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Kerry Blue Terrier

July 21, 2021

With a wavy blue coat and high energy, The Kerry Blue started out as an Irish working dog. Hailing from the mountains of County Kerry, they were bred for herding cattle and sheep, hunting small game and birds, rodent control and guarding property.

Kerry Blue Terriers are medium-sized and muscular with longer legs. They usually live between 12-15 years. They are fun-loving, even silly at times, with a lot of stamina and energy. Being terriers, they are prone to digging, chasing and occasional barking.

Keeping a Kerry Blue healthy requires lots of exercise, both physical and mental. Leaving them alone for long periods is not recommended because they can get bored, leading to destructive behaviors.

Training is important for the Kerry Blue because they are independent and do not always get along with other dogs. They may also perceive smaller animals as prey. In addition, training helps teach proper canine manners. Good socialization helps puppies grow into well-behaved, well-rounded dogs.

Even though a Kerry Blue doesn’t shed much, their unique blue coat still requires lots of daily brushing, and regular clipping as the soft fine fur continues to grow throughout the year.

The intelligent Kerry Blue can have a mind of their own and needs a firm but kind hand to show them what is expected of them. They love to please, and with praise and positive reinforcement, they learn quickly. Harsh techniques are not helpful with a Kerry Blue because they are also surprisingly sensitive despite being very tough.


  1. Lance Cabados

    How hard is this breed to find in Texas, and what type of price is reasonable to pay for one ??

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  3. Betty j. Pierce

    How much does A Kelly Blue Terrier.Cost ?


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