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Found in New Guinea and Cape York in Australia, Cuscuses live in trees in hardwood forests, mangroves and tropical forests. This possum marsupial is usually about the size of a cat and lives in very high trees of dense woodlands to avoid being seen. 

It camouflages with the tree leaves and moves slowly about the tree canopy, an attribute that makes it harder to spot. The several species of the cuscus include; Waigeo cuscus, Admiralty cuscus, Blue-eyed spotted cuscus and Small Sulawesi cuscus. While biologists may call them folivores because their main diet is leaves, the cuscus also eats fruits.

Fun Facts about the Cuscus

• They have blue, red, or orange eyes, depending on the species.

• They have vertical pupils.

• They have long nails to help them climb trees and for grooming as well.

• A male cuscus marks his territory by spraying the liquid from his scent glands.

• These marsupials build homes in tree hollows or make nests high in the treetops to sleep.

• They love warm and wet climates but fear hot weather.

• They breed at any time of the year and have multiple partners.

• Cuscus males and females make clicking, hissing, and screeching sounds during their courtship period.

• A female Cuscus has a gestation period of 20 to 42 days.

• The female cuscus carries her young one in her pouch just like a Kangaroo.

• A cuscus has a lifespan of between 8 and 12 years.

• The Cuscus is primarily nocturnal; it sleeps during the day and finds its food at night.

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Looking to Refinance your Mortgage? Rates as low as 2.005% APR